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Music Review: Anne Simone – ‘Bittersweet’ EP

Anne Simone's 'Bittersweet'

Anne Simone’s debut EP is more sweet than bitter. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Dick Tracy (1990)

Producer-director-star Warren Beatty's noble failure; impeccable technical attributes not supported by screenplay. Read More »

The Name Game

Today's parents want distinctive names for their children, but distinctive today can become commonplace tomorrow. Read More »

Interview: Nicki Richards – Royal Reality

Nicki Richards

In-demand backing vocalist and independent musician talks business, inspiration, Madonna, and more. Read More »

Music Review: Harry Shearer – Can’t Take a Hint

Can’t Take a Hint is Harry Shearer adding new collaborators to his satirical musical mix. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: W./E.

Madonna's W./E. tries to tells the stories of two women, Wally and her namesake Wallis Simpson, but unfortunately concentrates on the wrong one. Read More »

Surviving Fame: A Little Narrative of Alter Ego

Alter egos function as a creative method to express multivocality, but also as a ticket to privacy-land for overexposed celebrities. Read More »

Music Review: Madonna – MDNA

Pop queen Madonna is back with a vengeance. Read More »

Interview: Curtis Hudson & Lisa Stevens, Songwriters of Madonna’s “Holiday” (Part 2)

In Part Two, the composers shed light on their professional resumes and their son, producer Eric Hudson. Read More »

Interview: Curtis Hudson & Lisa Stevens, Songwriters of Madonna’s “Holiday” (Part 1)

"Holiday" kickstarted Madonna's career in 1983. The writers discuss the song's creation and working with the Queen of Pop. Read More »