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Interview: Sophia Bar-Lev, Author of ‘The Silver Locket’

The Silver Locket taps into the deepest feelings of motherhood.

"To me, a successful writer is the person who is able to enrich his/her reader in some area of their life, whether emotional, mental, spiritual or practical." Read More »

Movie Review: ‘The Butler’

Field Workers

The Butler follows one man's journey from survival to understanding as he transitions from the cotton field to The White House. Read More »

An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: an Overview, Part Three

There is no political solution, insofar as Heilbroner is concerned, to the kind of global problems and challenges facing humanity today. Read More »

On Loyalty, Politics, and Statehood

The days of the state as the predominant political institution of our time are numbered. Read More »

From Obligation to Loyalty: Gateway to New Political Thinking

We need a brand new concept of political obligation, unencumbered by old associations, if we are to move beyond the liberal state. Read More »

Book Reivew: Being Anti-Social by Leigh K. Cunningham

Strong theme about loyalty to friends and family. Read More »

Waiting for the Advent of the Sunset Poet

Rudyard Kipling heralded the passing of England's mantle of global leadership. Who will do the same for America? Read More »

Book Review: No Experience Required by Caleb Pirtle III

"In space, no one can hear you scream" — Alien trailer. Read More »

Pink Slip: A Personal Experience of Corporate Termination

What's an appropriate reward for nearly three decades of loyalty, sacrifice, and hard work? Getting laid off? That seems odd... Read More »

Book Review: Why Loyalty Matters by Timothy Keiningham and Lerzan Aksoy

In an age of cynics, true loyalty in our relationships may be the key to happiness. Read More »