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Music Review: The Kinks – Low Budget

The Kinks: Chapter 17. The Kinks ended the 1970s on a high note. Read More »

Theater Review (L.A.): The Spidey Project Swings into Hollywood

Justin Moran's micro-budgeted Spider-Man musical comes to L.A. in an energetic production by Theatre Unleashed. Read More »

Troma-tic Experiences

Six releases from Troma Entertainment guaranteed to Troma-tize. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Zaat – Prime ’70s Cheese Gets an HD Upgrade

A mad scientist turns into a giant killer catfish. How can I resist? Read More »

Movie Review: Summer (2008)

Once Upon a Time's Robert Carlyle in Kenneth Glenaan's 2008 hidden gem of a film, Summer. Read More »

DVD Review: Kung Fu Joe

Ridiculous. That is the only word for it. Well, maybe fun, too. Read More »

DVD Review: Behemoth (2011)

Even from a “bad movie” perspective, Behemoth still sucks. Read More »

DVD Review: Hunter Prey

Sure to become a landmark in the annals of low-budget movie history. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Escape From New York

If you don’t care about the lack of bonus material, go ahead and buy it Read More »

Movie Review: 11 Minutes Ago

If you're a fan of time travel stories, Indie films, sci-fi, mystery or romance, this is a must-see. Read More »