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Book Review: Blue Violet by Abigail Owen

How do you regain your trust and courage, when you have lived through the brutal death of your family? Read More »

Book Review: Don’t Be A Foolish Virgin!: Confessions of a Foolish Virgin by Sharon D. Watts

A great resource for people of all ages who are seeking to improve their relationships with God. Read More »

Book Review: Maps of Fate: Book Two by Reid Lance Rosenthal

The story of how the West was won. Read More »

Spiraling Chronic Care Costs: How Can We Reclaim Control?

How in the world will we ever begin to control spiraling healthcare costs? Read More »

True Love, Downside and All

Even in the greatest of loves, many tears will be shed, but oh, it's worth it! Read More »

Happiness is a Field of Daisies

Why pursue happiness? Pick it now! Read More »

Book Review: The Perfect Love of God: Becoming the Bride of Christ Through His Transforming Love by Joan Marie Forness

Have you ever known the Love of God? Is it possible? Is it real? Read More »

The Dark Knight or “Missy the Missile”?

Tragedy or triumph? Who really wins? The Olympics as a part of a healing process. Read More »

Book Review: The Other Half of Me by Morgan McCarthy

Morgan McCarthy's The Other Half of Me explores the complexities of family and love between siblings. Read More »

Blu-Ray Review: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

One of the last movies to use old-school Hollywood effects gets the latest digital treatment. Read More »