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Made (Not) in America

Television reboots

If American television lacks freshness, why not look overseas? It might help spread globalization. Read More »

Missing Flight MH370 – The Mystery Continues But the Story Remains Personal


That is a vast ocean out there and extremely deep waters, and searchers have an overwhelming task looking for the proverbial needle – not in one haystack but more like a field of haystacks. Read More »

Why ‘Once Upon a Time’ Is the New ‘Lost’ : Part Deux


Sadly, Once Upon a Time still falls short of Lost. Read More »

PC Game Review: ‘The Wolf Among Us: Episode One – Faith’

bigbymagicmirrorbusinessoffice (450x253)

Telltale once again brings a comic to life with 'The Wolf Among Us,' but the opening episode 'Faith' poses more questions than it answers. Read More »

ABC’s Split Season


It's just heartening to see effort put into an inventive, smart idea. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: ‘Once Upon a Time The Complete Second Season’


Overall, this is a terrific release, one that will satisfy fans who crave a little more from their extras, and a superb season with some really exciting, moving stories. Read More »

When Good Shows Go Bad

Today's favorite television program may be tomorrow's barely-watchable pile of crap. Why? Read More »

Why Once Upon a Time Is the New Lost

For Lost fans mourning the loss of good television, Once Upon a Time has become a suitable replacement. Read More »

The New America

Make no mistake, the country has exceeded its tipping point and will never be the same again. Read More »

An Interview with Suits’ Patrick J. Adams

Patrick J. Adams is a lot like his character, Mike Ross: kind, humble, funny, and terrible at impressions. Read More »