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R.A. Dickey Wins the NL Cy Young Award – The Best Story in Sports This Year

Dickey’s story is not just a Mets story, but one for all sports fans, for it transcends team glory and becomes a lesson in perseverance and human dignity. Read More »

With Beckett, Crawford and Gonzalez Gone to Los Angeles, It’s a New Day for the Red Sox

Now out of playoff contention, the Red Sox are finally starting to clean house, and did so today with an unbelievably big trade. Read More »

David Duerson: A Modern Day Spartacus

In February, NFL veteran David Duerson took his life but spared his brain for scientific research. Perhaps the results will shed light upon some of the causes that he struggled with. Read More »

A Father-Son Relationship Through Sports

My experience growing up with baseball, and my dad as head coach. Read More »

Manny Joins Ozzie Guillen in Chi-Town: Good Luck With That

Manny Ramirez, via a waiver claim, goes back to the American League to help push a team to the playoffs. But he will not have much impact. Read More »

Red Sox Welcome Back Manny With A Broom

The current best offensive team in baseball, the BoSox, beat Arizona and Manny’s Dodgers as part of an undefeated week. Read More »

Dodgers Crave Playoff Sandwich, Order Jim ‘n Jon

Ned Coletti: "I'll have a Thome and Garland on rye, hold the players to be named later." Read More »

Manny Ramirez Positive Test Proves MLB Testing Doesn’t Work

Manny's positive test bad for Manny and for baseball. Read More »