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Vigor at Every Age


Instead of continuing to look at the mind-body connection to understand how to control the body and produce health, an understanding of our relationship to the Divine Mind is in order. Read More »

A Life of Purpose Increases Longevity

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Health and longevity correlate with keeping busy and living a life of purpose. Read More »

Church Relationships Can Lead to Healing


Recently, I read that there is scientific evidence that going to church weekly has health benefits – it can boost the immune system, decreases blood pressure, and may add as much as two or three years to your life. When I heard this, I was interested to find out what types of activities generated these results, because after attending church ... Read More »

Don’t Take the Negativity Bait


Why do some people seem so unhappy while others seem generally happy and able to take negative experiences in stride? Read More »

How We Treat Others Tied to Health, Longevity


Studies increasingly conclude that sustained mental negativity is the enemy of well-being. Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: Live Long, Live Healthy’ by Dennis Kravetz

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All four areas of fitness -- physical, cognitive, psychological, and nutritional -- are interrelated. Read More »

An Alternate Reality United States, Part II: The Economy

In the U.S.(alt), corporations were finally made to repatriate their vast overseas assets. Read More »

Book Review: 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

2312 is a bold thrust into a challenging and frightening future. Read More »

Book Review: The Great Fat Fraud by Michael Schatzki

Fitness is the ultimate judge of health not weight loss alone. Read More »

Book Review: The Postmortal by Drew Magary

Living forever will kill you. Read More »