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My 10 Favourite Recordings Of 2012

Here's a highly subjective Top 10 list of musical favourites for 2012. Read More »

My Ten Favorite Reads Of 2012

A completely subjective list of the books released in 2012 I liked best. Read More »

Sterfish’s Favorite Albums of 2010

A list of the 15 albums I enjoyed the most in 2010. Read More »

Bookish Delights 2010: The Fiction Edition

Favorite books of 2010: Wanderlust on the main road, and some reads less roamed. Read More »

Favorite Albums of 2010: 15 Bands You Don’t Want to Miss

Where else will you find rap, metal, Italian pop covers,and avant garde excursions in the same place? Read More »

Sterfish’s Favorite Albums of 2009

Featuring 12 albums instead of the typical 10. Read More »

My Favorite Movies of 2009 Part 1: The Back 11 and Cinematic Disappointments

The bottom half of my favorites list. Read More »

The Best Reads of 2009

Just because you're expanding your mind doesn't mean you can't have fun doing it. Read More »

Book Review: The Book of Lists: Horror edited by Amy Wallace, Del Howison, and Scott Bradley

A fun, informative book of lists written by masters of the horror genre. Read More »