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Defeat Stress Through Healthy Thoughts


Calm thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are expectant of good outcomes can lead to effective stress responses. Read More »

Spirituality and Health: Words Have a Powerful Influence on Health

hospital patient

There is now a push to leave out the mention of cancer in diagnosis of certain precancerous conditions. Read More »

Is There a Silver Bullet for Good Health?

@Glowimages 1980008.

In order for patients to be healthy, they needed to address non-physical issues in their lives, like relationships, stress, or money. Read More »

Health Goals: Developing an Awareness of Alternatives

An awareness (consciousness) on the part of the public is developing about the importance of a different type of health care. Read More »

Book Review: What’s Up Down There? by Lissa Rankin, M.D.

Lissa Rankin answers your questions with the authority of a gynecologist and the encouragement of one of your best friends. Read More »