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Dear Lindsay Lohan (Failure to Beat Addiction is Not Your Fault)


To all the Lindsay Lohans out there: Don’t take “failure” as yours. AA is a “one size fits all” recovery program that helps only a small minority. Read More »

TV Review: Glee – “Props; Nationals”

Glee gives supporting characters their due, than slays Nationals in a sweet victory! Read More »

Lohan in Chains

Lindsay Lohan’s reprises role as inmate. Read More »

Wikileaks: Gaddafi Inc., the Lindsay Lohan of Dictators

Gaddafi gets more breaks than a Hollywood celebrity. Read More »

Why Are Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Treated So Differently?

Mr. Sheen has been given a Get Out of Jail Free card while Ms. Lohan seems destined to spend more time behind bars than drinking in them. Read More »

Are Amazon’s Prices Set by Numerologists?

Even an Amazon price setter can suffer from attention deficit disorder. Read More »

Bipolar: Use the Term Wisely and Accurately

Mel Gibson: A Bipolar Cocktail and other inane uses of the term "bipolar" serves only to desensitize the public about a very serious condition. Read More »

News of the Day: Your 15 Minutes Is Up, Kiddos

Some celebrities deserve more. Read More »

I (Heart) the Lohans

How far backwards must justice lean for entitled brats like Lindsay Lohan? Read More »

A Musical Ode To Spain, The World Cup, Mel Gibson, and Lindsay Lohan

Turning Twitter trending topics into a musical... Read More »