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Presidential Clarity

Pulling back the fog on Libya. Read More »

More Politcal Observations

Contradictions that leave you scratching your head are not regulated to a political party or a certain group. Read More »

Libyan Conflict Escalates, So Too Does Hunger

Josette Sheeran says unless the world acts we may be facing an historic human tragedy in Libya. Read More »

War in Libya: Of Principle and Politics

Some oppose U.S. combat in Libya based on principled stands. Others, however, cloud honest debate with rank political opprtunism. Read More »

Dangers are Inherent in the War with Qaddafi

Libya could become the next quagmire for American forces. Read More »

Libya: General Moammar Gaddafi’s Fate Sealed By UN

U.S. was earlier regularly issuing formal warnings to Libyan leader to withdraw troops against rebels but Gaddafi instead kept increasing pressure and forces against his opponents. Read More »

Aerial Bombardment Begins in Opposition to Gadhafi.

The US and the UK have taken the offensive in Libya, determined to end the reign of Gadhafi. Read More »

No-Fly Zones Approved in Libya: Doesn’t This Sound Familiar?

Please, Mr. President, we cannot have another war where our men and women's blood runs in the desert sands. Read More »

So, I Guess We Are At War With Libya Now

Well, that was sort of unexpected... Read More »

Trouble in the Pipeline: Capitalism and the Oil Crisis

With oil prices soaring to new heights, only one thing can save American society from terminal malaise. Read More »