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Barack Hussein Obama: The Most Conservative Republican President Since Eisenhower

Do the Republicans really fear President Obama? Or are they simply wishing they had had a president this conservative? Read More »

On The Paulestinian Frontier: The Upside of Iowa’s Looming Meltdown

Ron Paul is rising in Iowa, but what can the revolution in Libya teach us about him and the GOP? Read More »

The Fast Gathering Storm of Hunger

With hunger fast engulfing the globe, the U.S. cannot withdraw its role as the leader in facing this crisis Read More »

Western Imperialism Strikes Again

The invasion of Libya is about imperialism not protection of civilians. Read More »

Obama’s Foreign Policy Facing Toughest Foe: Hunger

President Obama is facing a critical foreign policy test with hunger emergencies unfolding in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan Read More »

Remembering Marshall’s Speech in the Arab Spring

Even 64 years later the spirit of the Marshall Plan and the foreign policy ideal behind it is one we need to uphold. Read More »

House Leaders Kill Libya Withdrawal Resolution

When the GOP leadership forgets their oath to the Constitution it's time for new leaders to step in and be responsible. Read More »

What Obama Should Have Said

As I was reading President Obama's speech last week, I dozed off into a glorious daydream. Read More »

The Arab World Braces for the Summer of Counter-Revolution

Blood, bullets and fear are the weapons of choice against democratic movements in the Middle-East Read More »

What Does The Arab Re-Awakening Mean For Middle East Interests?

With the Middle East experiencing social upheaval and revolution what does that mean for our interests? Read More »