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Libraries Will Become Museums Soon

Goodbye Beloved Books

Libraries around the world will become museums before the end of the century, as a result of the internet, technology, and the astronomical cost of maintaining the institutions. Read More »

God’s Eye View: Writers and Google

A series of searches netted me quotations that would have taken me hours to find in my University library just a few years ago. Read More »

Books Are Dead; Now What About Our Libraries?

The rise of ebooks are not only signaling the end of traditional bookstores, but also libraries. Read More »

Music Collections That Run Like Clockwork

Some call me a “control-freak”. I admit I manage my music collection carefully, where it’s possible. Read More » Send, Sealed, Delivered… but Bookmarked?

Not quite free, and a little frustrating. Read More »

Hope Is The Thing

Believe it or not, these are the good old days! Read More »

Book Review: Libyrinth by Pearl North

Don't let the YA label turn you away — this is a book for all ages. Read More »