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Book Review: ‘Women Crime Writers, Eight Suspense Novels Of The 1940s & 50s’ edited by Sarah Weinman


Books on crime often dominate the market. The Library of America has released a collectable set of works by women crime writers from the 1940s & 50s. Edited by Sarah Weinman, these eight suspense novels showcase the talent of the women authors what wrote them. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Library of America Edition’ by Dashiell Hammett


For Dashiell Hammett fans, the 'Library of America Edition' is a holiday must. Read More »

Book Review: The Age of Movies: Selected Writings of Pauline Kael edited by Sanford Schwartz

The world of movie criticism may never again meet as formidable an adversary. Read More »

Book Review: Henry James: Novels, 1903-1911 – The Ambassadors/ The Golden Bowl/ The Outcry, Edited by Ross Posnock

A collection of the final three novels from one of America's greatest writers. Read More »

Book Review: Bowles: The Sheltering Sky, Let It Come Down, The Spider’s House by Paul Bowles

Library of America publishes three Paul Bowles novels. Read More »

Book Review: The Philip K. Dick Collection

The Library of America presents a collections of 13 novels by the science fiction master in three stunning, handy-sized volumes. Read More »

Book Review: American Fantastic Tales Boxed Set edited by Peter Straub

Great adventure for genre fans, especially if read late at night, alone at home. Read More »

Book Review: Raymond Carver: Collected Stories edited by William L. Stull and Maureen P. Carroll

Anyone intrigued by the written word would do well to spend time with the works of Raymond Carver. Read More »