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Highways and Roads in a Free Society

One of the biggest questions raised against a totally free society is, who would build roads and regulate their use? Read More »

DVD Review: Atlas Shrugged – Part One

Atlas Shrugged Part One represents the sort of trickle down filmmaking, that is unlikely to find much of an audience outside of hardcore Ayn Rand devotees. Read More »

Does Libertarianism Lead to a Happier Population?

Why are the people of a libertarian third world nation happier than Americans? Read More »

Community Organizer’s Toolkit, An Adjunct To Mao’s Little Redbook (Part II)

Altruism is an alternative to competition as the all-definitive, if not vulgar, expression of the evolutionary principle. The question is, how can we put it to work? Read More »

States’ Rights and Less Regulation

Are the current Republican candidates extreme in their views? Read More »

Conservatism: A Critique

An objective, rational take on modern conservatism and what it has done, is doing, and can do for America. Read More »

Thoughts on the Big Three; A Rational Look at Conventional Wisdom in Politics

The benefits of considering the positives and negatives of conservatism, modern liberalism, and libertarianism far outweigh any conceivable drawbacks. Read More »

Einstein, the Dangers of Pure Capitalism, and “Goldilocks Freedom”

"The government that governs least, governs best" - the problem with this claim is that "Nature abhors a vacuum". Read More »

Ronald Reagan: The Model of Moderate Libertarianism

There may never be another Reagan but his example shows the way for libertarian Republicans to change the party. Read More »

A Very Unheroic Story About Firefighters and Politics

Appallingly, firefighters stood around and did nothing as a family's home burned to the ground. Read More »