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It’s Positively Time to Stop Being So Negative

It's time to stop being so negative and start using that enthusiasm in a more productive, positive manner. Read More »

Stampeded by a Herd of Cats!

We should remember that elephants and donkeys are not predators...but cats are! Read More »

Capitol Idea: Primary Danger

Dennis Kucinich's words this week ring far beyond healthcare reform Read More »

Capitol Idea: Just Who Do We Want To Punish?

The Left has to ask itself, "Who really wins if Democrats lose?" Read More »

On Guns and Balls

The Idiotic Gilbert Arenas, and the Even More Idiotic Liberal Position on Guns Read More »

Know Senate Health Reform By Its Opponents

Those on the left could learn to hate the Senate health reform bill a little less by who else abhors it Read More »

Getting in Obama’s Way: Might That Not Be A Good Thing?

Van Jones has just proven that the Obama administration doesn't really want a Green world. They want a surreal one. Read More »

Jewish Guilt

How does it feel to be a Jew who voted for Obama? Read More »

Satire: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Privacy

Why are we giving away our privacy so willingly when the dangers are so horrendous? Read More »