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Enjoying the Cold Weather? Thank Global Warming!

Anyone with a grasp of high-school physics should be able to see the clear connection between the two. Read More »

Keith Olbermann’s Countdown Comes to an Abrupt End on MSNBC

MSNBC's Countdown meets an abrupt end. Read More »

Book Review: Liberal Betrayal of America and the Tea Party Firestorm by William Davis Eaton

Liberal Betrayal Of America And The Tea Party Firestorm is a fascinating book for people of all political persuasions. Read More »

Who Really Gives a Rat’s Patootie – Conservatives or Liberals? Let’s Find Out!

A detailed examination of what freedom really is...and what freedom really isn't, too. Read More »

It’s The Income Inequality, Stupid

Republicans will scream, "Class warfare." And that's exactly the point. Read More »

A New Solution for Deficit Reduction: Hire Russ Feingold

The defeated senator is a liberal with a strong interest in deficit reduction—and available to serve. Read More »

A Sad Optimist Cries Yet Again: A Pox on all Your Houses

Amidst the fear, the anger, the apprehension, we can take heart that our politicians are blithering idiots — as are we. Read More »

Will We Face Another National Upheaval As We Did in the 1960s?

Bad things happen when wrongly perceived religious and violent rhetoric divide a nation. Read More »

Book Review: Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free by Charles P. Pierce

A rant against the conservative right. Read More »

Obama’s Most ‘Supreme’ Influence Could Come In a Second Term

The President may have an opportunity to move the court to the left after 2012. Read More »