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Take Your Twinkie and Shove It!

On capitalist rapists. Read More »

Food in America: An Entitlement?

Americans are starving, too. Read More »

No EFM Vote? No Bridge

If the Detroit/Windsor bridge falls down would we be willing to allow Snyder to build a new one? Read More »

The Importance of the Lilly Ledbetter Act

Do women deserve equal pay? Read More »

Occupy vs the Supercommittee: How the Movement Could Soon Impact the Debate

Occupy Wall Street could push supercommittee Democrats to stand up more forcefully to Republicans and against any further harmful spending cuts. Read More »

Angry Liberals

Rather than apologize, the left needs more angry loudmouths like Teamsters chief Jim Hoffa. Read More »

Are we Really just Dumping Dollars Down the Education Toilet?

Why is it we spend so very much money on education? Comparatively speaking, are we really spending that much? Read More »

The Two Parties: Republicans Are Politically Impotent; Democrats Remember Why They Became Democrats in the First Place

You know the shoe really is on the other foot in Washington when it's the Republicans who can't get anything done, and the Democrats are the ones who stand up and fight. Read More »

Barack Obama: Spiritual Leader of the British

What does the undying fealty to President Obama among the British public really say about them? Read More »

The Conservative Big Lie about Corporate Taxes

They say the cost will only be passed on to the consumer, but this concept is misleading. Read More »