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Comic-Con: Catching Up with the Creators of TNT’s ‘Legends’

Sean Bean in Legends

TNT's new series Legends features Sean Bean in the role of Martin Odum, a deep undercover agent - a "legend" whose own identity may be too deeply submerged. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: ‘Rayman Legends’


Having grown up with the early game consoles, I have played a lot of 2D platformers. "Rayman Legends" is hands down the best one I’ve ever played. Read More »

The Blue Men of Scottish Legend

To survive, a culture much lay claim to a certain portion of beauty or charm, like the glamorous Blue Men legends of the Highlanders. Read More »

Book Review: The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht

A young doctor gradually unravels the mystery of her grandfather's death through stories of magical legend. Read More »

Book Review: Sunrise of Avalon by Anna Elliott

Healer, storyteller, warrior - and the strength of Isolde's love for Tristan may be Britain’s downfall or salvation. Read More »

Book Review: Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer by C.T. Markee

An action packed fantasy with all the bell and whistles. A fun summer read for the youngster in your house. Read More »

A Barn Owl, the Mothman Legend, and Global Hunger Relief

It's clear where the emphasis needs to be in Afghanistan. It starts with the basics of food, medicine, education, and shelter. Read More »

Book Review: Luka And The Fire Of Life by Salman Rushdie

Just because a story has been told a thousand times before doesn't mean it can't have a different ending. Read More »

Book Review: Secret Service Saint by Janet Ann Collins

The story is about Nicholas, who discovered the fun of doing good deeds in secret. Read More »

A Ghostly Tale Near the Ohio River

Residents of Delhi reported mysterious lights and the eerie tune of a fiddler coming from the graveyard Read More »