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Reflections on Class, Class Consciousness, and OWS

Class happens when some men, as a result of common experiences (inherited or shared), feel and articulate the identity of their interests as between themselves, and as against other men whose interests are different from (and usually opposed to) theirs. Read More »

Judging Others: A Quiver Full of Arrows

I am aware of judgmental and critical people. I am in fact guilty of being judgmental and critical. We are all guilty. Read More »

The Dark of Legalism

Legalism places the fear of man within us and we become people pleasers. Read More »

Book Review: Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur

Don't want to settle for preachy teaching fiction? Better pass on Wisdom Hunter. Read More »

Book Review: The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley

A book for the Christian Legalist revealing the truth between Law and Grace. Read More »