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Election 2012: Referendum on Extremism

The American people have spoken. Read More »

Norway: the Progressive West Slippery Slope

Avoiding easy labels for political gain, but taking stock all the same. Read More »

Barack Obama: Spiritual Leader of the British

What does the undying fealty to President Obama among the British public really say about them? Read More »

The Big Lie About GE’s Huge Untaxed Profits

Breaking down the media's big lie of the week, their claim that GE paid no corporate taxes last year. Read More »

Who is Going to Give to Obama in 2012?

Americans are too broke financially and spiritually to support President Obama's campaign ambitions. Read More »

The Rise of the Relentless Right

Never stop. Read More »

The Republicans’ Real Agenda? Surprise: It’s Not the Economy

Job #1 for the Republicans in the next Congress? Destroy Obama. Read More »