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Blu-ray Review: ‘George Gently, Series 6′

George Gently

One of the best police procedurals being aired today. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: George Gently: Series 5

Lee Ingleby & Martin Shaw - John Baccus and George Gently

Proving once again this is one of the best ongoing police procedurals on television today. Read More »

DVD Review: George Gently: Series 4

A detective show that's more then just the usual bad guys and good guys. Read More »

DVD Review: Luther 2

Luther series 2 takes a different turn, and has less episodes, but definitely worthy of purchase. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: George Gently – Series 1

The new Blu-ray release of George Gently: Series 1 is both good-looking and compelling viewing. Read More »

DVD Review: George Gently, Series 3

George Gently's '60s investigation techniques may seem out of date, but that's half the fun of this entertaining British mystery show. Read More »

DVD Review: George Gently, Series 3

Watching George Gently and John Bacchus navigate the changing world of 1965 England is a treat you shouldn't deny yourself any longer. Read More »

TV Review: Being Human (UK) – “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet”

Being Human went out on a very high note, with questions of the morality of revenge and execution. Read More »

DVD Review: George Gently Series 2

You're still not going to find a better police procedural television series anywhere on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. Read More »