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Book Review: The Source by Ursula James

A moment in magic, yours for the taking. Read More »

Welcome to “Harmony In My Headphones”

Getting to know music all over again for the first time. Read More »

Website Review: Makes Early Childhood Learning Safe And Fun is an innovative site which offers children a chance to learn while having fun. Read More »

Free Rice to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving

Free Rice helps feed the hungry while it helps improve learning and knowledge. Read More »

The Power of Handwriting

A study has shown that children’s neural activity is enhanced when they have practiced writing by hand, as opposed to simply looking at letters. Read More »

DVD Review: Barney Learning Pack

Over four hours of educational Barney episodes! Read More »

Fighting Global Hunger in the Classroom

Teachers can integrate the study of global hunger into their lessons plans. Read More »

Peanut Butter and Harmony

How growing up in a musical house affects us Read More »

I Babysit, Not Because I’m a Man

We teach children, but they teach us. Read More »

Epiphany in Golden Flames on the IS Wall

I interpret the fiery script... Read More »