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Legal Analysis Should Not be a Partisan Plaything.

Partisan gamesmanship can easily backfire. That is likely to happen in the highly emotional "torture" debates. Read More »

Ballot Access Laws are Detrimental to America

At the end of the day, ballot access laws are detrimental to our political system for at least four reasons. Read More »

Scammers Exploiting MoneyGram Money Order Verification System

Scammers are exploiting an automated money order verification system to trick unsuspecting people into cashing counterfeit money orders. Read More »

The Perils and Pitfalls of a Torture Witch Hunt

Once the witch hunt train gets rolling it's very hard to stop. Read More »

Universal Health Care is the Only Right Action

The lack of universal health care in the Unites States is a blot on the morality of our great nation. Read More »

We Do Not Forget – We Do Not Forgive: These are Luxuries No Jew Has

We cannot forget - we cannot forgive; we Jews must kill our enemies today that we may live tomorow. Read More »

Not Another Obama Rant

For this article, I've decided to not discuss the disagreements I have with the Obama administration - this article isn't about that. Read More »

Rule of Law Vetoed by President Obama

The rule of law is a terrible thing to waste. Read More »

It Does Not Take A Community

We would all have to be skilled in child care -- taking care of others' children -- if some people had their way. Read More »

It’s Time to Stop Card Check

We fought a Civil War to ensure that we would have an economy based on free labor. Workers forced to join a union are not free. Read More »