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A 1960s Lexicon of Words of Liberation and Self Defense

Power to the People

Over the decade of the 60s these groups developed and shared a lexicon of words that expressed their desire for liberation. The black community at-large widely used these liberation words and phrases. Recently I have been recalling those words and phrases noticing that I rarely hear them in today’s struggle. Read More »

PopConLA: Screenwriters Panel Says “Don’t be the Naked Schmooze”

Want to make it as a TV writer? These guys did and they tell you how. Read More »

TV Review: Hawaii Five-0 – “Ne Me’e Laua Na Paio”

Hawaii Five-) is pretty good, when it isn't so concerned with being a procedural. Read More »

Music Review: Fleetwood Mac – Law and Order

Solo Fleetwood Mac: Chapter 2. Read More »

Law & Order: Bloggers in the Jury Box

"As long as people keep committing crimes, this show has a place." Read More »