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What to Expect from the 2015 12-inch MacBook

macbook 12-inch

The newest processor means that MacBook can operate without a fan, making it basically noise free, and virtually eliminating overheating problems. Read More »

Budgeting for College? Here Are Five Things You Should Not Buy

Going back to college doesn't have to be as expensive as you might think

With college debt now averaging more than $30,000 per graduate, it makes sense to scrimp where you can. Read More »

Microsoft Windows 8 beats Google Chrome OS

Windows 8 features will give Chrome OS and Android combined a run for their money. Read More »

Razer Should Switch Back to the Original SwitchBlade

Razer's new Blade laptop is hardly the "truly portable gaming laptop" that the original concept promised. Read More »

DJs Are Not Their Format

DJs are not "real" or "fake" based on their format. Clearly, it's the music, man... Read More »

Tech News: MAINGEAR Launches What May Be the Hottest Laptop You Could Buy

Independent computer manufacturer launches storming specs for a 3D upgrade to its luxury laptop. Read More »

Tech Review: HeatShift Laptop Cooler

A tech solution to tingly thighs, with no noise, no power cord, no loud fan. Read More »

A Watched Egg Never Hatches

Waiting for Molly the barn owl's final egg to hatch was an exercise in endurance. Read More »

A Look Back at “Ten Amazingly Accurate Tech Predictions for 2009”

What I got wrong and what I got right. Read More »