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Microsoft Windows 8 beats Google Chrome OS

Windows 8 features will give Chrome OS and Android combined a run for their money. Read More »

Razer Should Switch Back to the Original SwitchBlade

Razer's new Blade laptop is hardly the "truly portable gaming laptop" that the original concept promised. Read More »

DJs Are Not Their Format

DJs are not "real" or "fake" based on their format. Clearly, it's the music, man... Read More »

Tech News: MAINGEAR Launches What May Be the Hottest Laptop You Could Buy

Independent computer manufacturer launches storming specs for a 3D upgrade to its luxury laptop. Read More »

Tech Review: HeatShift Laptop Cooler

A tech solution to tingly thighs, with no noise, no power cord, no loud fan. Read More »

A Watched Egg Never Hatches

Waiting for Molly the barn owl's final egg to hatch was an exercise in endurance. Read More »

A Look Back at “Ten Amazingly Accurate Tech Predictions for 2009″

What I got wrong and what I got right. Read More »