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Movie Review: ‘The Interview’


The Interview is funny, but is it funny enough to be worth seeing? Or should one check it out simply because of the controversy? Read More »

Obama Losing Support on Syria – Send Dennis Rodman to Damascus Now!

den 5

It would be much better to be shooting basketballs in North Korea and Syria instead of bombs. Read More »

Kim Jong Un Pledges Nuclear Attacks on the United States

North Korea declares "Long range rockets will be launched, one after another!" Read More »

Kim Jong-un Calls for More Unified Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un spoke on New Years day, promising improved conditions and better relations with the south. Read More »

North Korea to Accept Flood Relief Aid From the South.

With some reservations, Kim Jong-un will accept food aid for flood-stricken North Korea. Read More »

Iran to Host Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Iran will host a timely summit of non-aligned nations, then move on to address the UN General Assembly in New York. Read More »

Experts Address North Korean Military and Political Changes

Expert analysts on the shakeups in North Korea. Read More »

Authenticity of North Korean Missiles Questioned

Experts now agree that the North Korean missiles paraded last week may have been replicas. Read More »

Kim Jong-Un Speaks to His People

Kim the Younger was relaxed as he spoke for the first time since his ascension to power. Read More »

North Korea to Launch Missiles Towards Australia

Pyongyang ignores food agreement; more belligerent than ever. Read More »