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Kim Jong-un Calls for More Unified Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un spoke on New Years day, promising improved conditions and better relations with the south. Read More »

Kim Jong-Un Speaks to His People

Kim the Younger was relaxed as he spoke for the first time since his ascension to power. Read More »

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il has Died

North Koreans weep as their beloved leader Kim Jong-Il dies. Read More »

The US Pledges Continued Strong Posture Towards China and North Korea

Leon Panetta speaking in Japan reassured those in attendance that the U.S. would not decrease its Eastern presence. Read More »

Positive Energy in Korea, and the South China Sea; Secretary Clinton Addresses ASEAN in Bali.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Bali, Indonesia, addressing a meeting of the ASEAN. Read More »

Jimmy Carter, Faux Pas in Korea.

Carter's accusations against the South Koreans for a lack of humanitarianism have been met with some consternation. Read More »

Talks Between the Koreas, Just Begun, Have Faltered and May Be Unsustainable.

Talks between North and South Korea have broken down in the earliest stages. Read More »

Korea — Deja Vu All Over Again?

Once again the two sides of the divided Korea are close to all-out war. Read More »

North Korea Moving Rapidly Towards Full Nuclear Capacity

North Korea has moved at such swift pace that an Envoy has been dispatched. Read More »

Culture Wars: Responding to North Korea

In a land where personality rules, aggressive actions from the West could backfire. Read More »