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Book Review: The Missing File by D. S. Mishani

A mystery in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. Read More »

Bunker Kidnapper Dead, Boy Safe

We search for a motive in the kidnapping by Jimmy Lee Dykes of an innocent young boy. Read More »

Book Review: Revenge of the Mad Scientist: Book One by Lara Nance

When misdirection leads a country to the precipice of war, a young woman and a group of misfits must find the true answers. Read More »

Book Review: Primary Fault by Sharon Kae Reamer

Take a trip through the veil of parallel worlds as geographical movement creates the seams. Read More »

Book Review: Shadow Man by Mark Murphy

Can the perfect life be real or is it able to draw evil into your life? Read More »

Book Review: Stroganov by Ty Hutchinson

Murder and mayham once again rock the world of Darby Stansfield. Read More »

Book Review: Chrysalis: Trepidation (Book 3, Chrysalis Series) by M. L. Lacy

Readers who enjoy paranormal stories with vampires and werewolves will love this series. Read More »

Book Review: Brenner And God by Wolf Haas

Navigating the mean streets of Germany, a reluctant chauffeur must work out why a child was kidnapped from his care. Read More »

Book Review: Adam Orser (Chronicles of Evolution) by Daniel Armand

Can light intercede when darkness makes its way into the world? Read More »

Book Review: Unwanted: A Novel by Kristina Ohlsson

A young girl sleeping in a railroad coach is abducted when her mother temporarily steps off the train to make a phone call. Read More »