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Gadget Review: TiMaG Magnets

TiMaG Magnets

The TiMaG magnet is once again proof that passion for creating things can bring the whole world something it never thought it needed. Read More »

Interview: Dennis List, Founder and VP of ROCKI WiFi


The ROCKI device turns any speakers into WiFi speakers. Read More »

Alameda Writers Group: Kickstarting Your Film


“What the suits want isn't always the same as what the fans want,” explained screenwriter and author Marc Zicree at the October meeting of the Los Angeles based Alameda Writers Group (AWG). Read More »

Book Review: ‘Finding Funds For Your Film or TV Project’ by Gini Graham Scott


A look at the legal side of making movies as well as television. Read More »

Music Review: PJ Rasmussen – ‘Adventures in Flight’


A young guitarist flies to great heights while fronting a new jazz ensemble. Read More »

Music Review: Sam Pinkerton – ‘EP Sampler’

Sam Pinkerton Sampler EP cover

A taste of acoustic-based melodicism from a talented new singer-songwriter. Read More »

Music Review: Paula Cole – Raven

Cole has evolved a strong vocabulary of smartly constructed adult pop that's eminently accessible yet all her own. Read More »

Is Television Becoming Darker and More Refined?

American television is becoming deeper and more intellectual, and I like it Read More »

Board Game Review: Triassic Terror

In the battle for supremacy, you are the dinosaurs. Read More »

Redefining Cancellation

Veronica Mars is the latest in a trend, bringing canceled shows back to life in a variety of ways. Read More »