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Gadget Review: iHome Type Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

iHome type pro

I'm a stickler for a good keyboard, and this one turns out to be the product I've been waiting for. Read More »

Windows 8 Touch Keyboard: Features and Benefits

Windows 8 introduces new high of changes with Touch Keyboard available in Surface Tablet. Read More »

ClamCase – The Best Keyboard Case for the iPad

Looking for an iPad keyboard case that actually works? Look no further - ClamCase provides an open and shut solution. Read More »

iPad Accessory Review: SealShield SilverBlue Wireless Keyboard with Luxury Case

A spillproof keyboard case for the iPad that also looks and feels professional? Yes please. Read More »

Tech Review: NUU’s MiniKey Keyboard for the iPhone 4

A Bluetooth keyboard case for Apple's smartphone that has intelligent design features and a compact footprint. Read More »

Tech Review: ThinkGeek’s TK-421 Bluetooth iPhone Keyboard Case

A productive smartphone gadget for the on-the-go professional with small thumbs and tight deadlines. Read More »

Book Review: The Key of One by Robbie Gennet

A fun and fast way to start learning how to play piano or keyboard. Read More »


Chain-texting is the new nasty cigarette habit of Gen Y. "Qwerty" should be a dirty word. Text junkies need social rehab. Read More »

The Demise of Handwriting

How will digitizing books, letters, and journals impact future generations’ ability to know us and the lives we led? Read More »

Music Review: The Killer and the Star – The Killer and the Star

Cold's frontman finds a new opening to vent the music of his soul. Read More »