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Music Review: Khaira Arby – ‘Timbuktu Tarab’

Khaira Arby

Imagine a mixture of Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Annie Lennox and you'll have an indication of Khaira Arby's vocal prowess Read More »

Book Review: ‘Music, Culture & Conflict In Mali’ by Andy Morgan


A perspective on the uprisings of 2012 in Northern Mali and their implications few others could provide. Read More »

Music Review: Etran Finatawa – ‘The Sahara Sessions’

Etran Finatawa

You may not understand the lyrics but you can still appreciate the passion and the sound of this inspirational music. Read More »

Music Review: Tinariwen – Tassili

A beautiful and haunting album proclaiming a people's right to live as they want and celebrating who they are. Read More »

Music Review: Group Doueh – Zayna Jumma

An exciting mix of pop and traditional music from the sub-Saharan. Read More »