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Discontented and Mad as Hell in Cheese Whiz Land

And Not Going to Take it Anymore, Bur First Look Closely at This Bright, Shiny Object in My Other Hand Read More »

Keith Olbermann and the Partisan Media

The demise of Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" silences one of the few liberal voices in television land. Read More »

Satire: MSNBC Series, “To Catch a Racist”

Protect Obama: The left-wing media is on "racism patrol," staking out protests and criticism, so that they can catch themselves some racists! Read More »

History, Health Care Reform, and My Mother: A Reflection

A reflection on history and the health care debate Read More »

Air America Radio Personality Lionel Doubts Limbaugh’s Influence, Praises Beck’s Craziness

Lawyer turned radio star opines on everything and everybody (including you, Balloon Boy). Read More »