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Kabbalah: The Mystical Origin of Psychoanalysis

Is Jewish Kabbalah a forerunner of psychoanalysis? Read More »

Kabbalah: Yom Kippur – Mystical Union

Yom Kippur is a fearful day, as it forces us to prepare for death. But it also reflects the union of divine mother and daughter. Read More »

Rosh Ha-Shanah – The Journey for Redemption

The Jewish New Year in a Kabbalistic light. Read More »

Ancient Kabbalah- Entering Heavenly Palaces

The ancient texts of Helhalot and Merkavah Read More »

Kabbalah: Archangel Metatron – Divine Ruler of Evil

Later Kabbalists even identified Metatron as the creator of the world. Read More »

Kabbalah: World of Angels and Magic

kabbalah on angels and magic, angelology and astrology in the Kabbalah Read More »

Venturing through the Flaming Sword

For Kabbalists, the Tree of Life is the symbol of the sefirot, God's essential ten potentialities and the secrets of Creation. Read More »

The Kabbalah: On the Nature of Evil

According to Isaac Luria's cosmic theory, the world was created as the result of the Absolute's attempt to allow for a being outside the Infinite. Read More »