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The K2 Hubbub

K2 is vascularizing like an expensive rash. Read More »

Death Validates Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

K2 contributes to teen's suicide. Read More »

Synthetic Marijuana Sales Soar As Demand Rises

K2/Spice demand rises as municipalities seek to ban sales. Read More »

Arkansas Health Board Bans Synthetic Marijuana In Emergency Rule

K2 can now be detected and measured. Read More »

Controversial K2 Ban Spreads Across Nation, Spawning Pro vs Con Debates

K2 voice for and against ban. Read More »

Arkansas To Conduct Study On K2 Effects

Arkansas' Crawford county's K2 ban nets an arrest. Read More »

Nintendo Wii Review: Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga

The Valhalla Knights series comes to the Nintendo Wii, but it falls far short of expectations. Read More »