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Book Review: Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Tick-Tock lad Barnaby Grimes leads a dangerous life flitting across the city rooftops delivering messages. Read More »

Book Review: The Big Red Bike by E.J. Tims

Never give up on your dreams because they come true for those who work hard and believe. Read More »

Music Review: Caspar Babypants – This is Fun!

Fun music for the five-and-under set, “This is Fun!” provides kid-friendly entertainment for pre-schoolers and toddlers. Read More »

Book Review: Holiday Poems for Children by Barbara Bryan

Come the holidays — any holidays — you may want to skip this title as a potential children’s gift. Read More »

Book Review: Pork Chop by David Edminister

“Martial Arts Is Not for Chickens!” I’m trying awfully hard not to make cracks about “the other white meat.” Read More »

Book Review: Would You Invite a Skunk to Your Wedding? Written by Ginger Pate; Illustrated by Maribeth Blonski

Visit a flower-bright world, where a young, ring-bearing skunk proves he can make it down the aisle. Read More »

Book Review: Share from the Heart by Marilyn Randall

A story of orphaned brothers who meet a lonely dragon. Can they be friends? Read More »

Book Review: A Bad Uncle’s Big Book of Impossible Dilemmas by Ryan M. Barnett

Can’t get the kids to sit still for the sake of being nice? How about for some hilarious conversation? Read More »

Book Review: Bailey’s Day by Robert Haggerty

Join Bailey the dog and her friends in a romp through the neighborhood while her dad’s at work. Read More »

Book Review: The Secret of Zoom by Lynne Jonell

For all her life, Christina Adnoid believed her mother had been killed in a lab explosion. That was a lie. Read More »