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TV Review: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – ‘Fear (of the Unknown)’


A decade on the air, and the constant character growth and development is what keeps this show just as engaging as ever. Read More »

DVD Review: ‘Grey’s Anatomy: Complete Ninth Season’


The ninth season of Grey's Anatomy's is a time of great transition. As it says on the cover of the Complete Ninth Season DVD, "Everything Changes." Read More »

TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy – “Put Me In, Coach”

Grey's Anatomy finds teamwork, selfless actions, and some new pairings to keep things moving. Read More »

DVD Review: Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Seventh Season

Grey's Anatomy has an awesome seventh season, though the bonus features on the DVD set are uneven. Read More »

TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy – “Unaccompanied Minor”

Grey's Anatomy delivers a number of emotional wallops, while slipping in a very sweet patient story. Read More »

TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy – “Song Beneath the Song”

Grey's musical is pretty good, but even better is the new growth of the long-time characters. Read More »

TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy Gets Trendy

Grey's Anatomy addressed many ongoing arcs, while pandering to twitter, and allowing McKidd his directing debut. Read More »

TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy PTSD

Grey's Anatomy's doctors continue to heal from the trauma inflicted upon them last season. Read More »

Movie review: Leo – Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic with these many really good actors... why did this movie go so softly into the night? Read More »

TV Review: Grey’s Anatomy – “State of Love and Trust”

So much drama in 60 minutes. What else would Grey's Anatomy have? Read More »