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The Bought Out Prime Minister and the Warning from the Settlers he is Betraying

Push folks too far, lie to them too much - and they will toss you out on your butt. Read More »

Bullying Israel Will Bring an Outpouring of G-d’s Wrath upon America

American leaders who bully Israel today are wise to remember that Egypt was destroyed at G-d's Hand for bullying Israel. Read More »

Confrontation at Ma’ale Levona

The "building freeze" hits home — and got cracked at the gate. Read More »

Israelis Getting Screwed Over With a Fake Opposition: The Real Deal on the Fake Yesh”a Council

It's great to set up your own opposition. "There's more to being king than getting your own way all the time." Read More »

The Approaching Civil War in Israel – Sleepwalking into a Nightmare

Four years ago, I warned of this day. The opening shots have not been fired. But do when they ring out, may G-d help us. Read More »

Terror Attack Outside of Ma’alé Levoná Injures Two Israelis

In Israel, when you let down your guard, even a little bit, the Arab enemy, encouraged by the Americans, strikes to kill. Read More »

Breaking Down on the Patriarch’s Road: Adventures Traveling in Samaria

Just because Abraham, Isaac and Jacob traveled along this road without incident doesn't mean that we do today. Read More »