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Blu-ray Review: ‘American Horror Story: Asylum – The Complete Second Season’


FX's American Horror Story is not a continuing series, but several stand-alone, 13-episode miniseries. Read More »

TV Review: American Horror Story: Asylum – “Madness Ends”

American Horror Story: Aslyum brings everything together, fittingly serving Lana, Kit, Jude, and Johnny in the final installment. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Shakespeare in Love

Oh, it's good, it's just not great. Read More »

TV Review: Camelot

Merlin gets tied up and Arthur and Guinevere get tied down, as the series starts to gain a little momentum Read More »

Hic Iacet Arthurus, Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus (Here Lies Arthur, Formerly King, and King to Be)

I was prepared not to like the new Starz series, Camelot. I was wrong. Read More »

TV Review: Camelot

It's a good start, but let's have more magic and Merlin and Arthurian politics and less naked ladies in lakes. Read More »

Movie review: Leo – Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic with these many really good actors... why did this movie go so softly into the night? Read More »

FlashForward Flashes Back onto TV

FlashForward returned, but it's not as though many people (besides me) cared. Read More »

DVD Review: FlashForward: Part One, Season One

Has the potential to follow in the successful footsteps of the phenomenon that is “Lost”. Read More »

TV Review: FlashForward – “No More Good Days”

FlashForward tries the Lost paradigm on for size, and finds it needs some alterations. Read More »