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Blu-ray Review: ‘Once Upon a Time The Complete Second Season’


Overall, this is a terrific release, one that will satisfy fans who crave a little more from their extras, and a superb season with some really exciting, moving stories. Read More »

Blu-Ray Review: ‘Once Upon a Time Season Two’


The season two Blu-ray release of Once Upon a Time hits the streets Tuesday, August 13, and it is a real treat for fans of the series. Read More »

TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “Tiny”

Jorge Garcia reprises his role as Jack's giant and Mr. Gold steps out of his comfort zone in this week's Once Upon a Time Read More »

Why Once Upon a Time Is the New Lost

For Lost fans mourning the loss of good television, Once Upon a Time has become a suitable replacement. Read More »

TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “Tallahassee”

Emma Swan encounters a giant who lives atop a beanstalk, and hangs out with Neal Cassady on this week's Once Upon a Time. Read More »

TV Review: Alcatraz – “Clarence Montgomery”

Alcatraz does great with case of the weeks, but its universe and mysteries lack depth. Read More »

TV Review: Mr. Sunshine – “Hostile Workplace”

Mr. Sunshine is finding its way, and there is some brilliant humor present. Read More »

TV Review: Mr. Sunshine Lets in a Ray

Mr Sunshine was fantastic, especially the cast. So so so nice to have Matthew Perry back. Read More »

Book Review: Finding Lost – Season Six: The Unofficial Guide by Nikki Stafford

You can never go home again...but then again, maybe you can. Read More »