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Jon Huntsman’s China Problem

An interview with Jon Huntsman's Chinese intern begins to explain why Americans are uncomfortable with his China connection. Read More »

TV Review: Saturday Night Live – “Jason Segel; Florence + the Machine”

Saturday Night Live has a few hits this week, but relying on old, bad material drags it down. Read More »

GOP Candidate Huntsman Must Overcome Obstacles

Jon Huntsman has major obstacles to overcome in his quest for the presidency. Read More »

President Obama to Speak to Congress

The President will address a joint session of Congress on Thursday, September 8. Read More »

Why He Will

The debt downgrade, a lousy economy, constant criticism: Why Obama will win again. Read More »

The Secret Truth About the GOP Primary Field: There are Only Two Real Candidates

Right now, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are the only credible choices. Deal with it. Read More »

A Profile of Jon Huntsman, Jr.

On the candidacy of GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman, Jr. Read More »

Jon Huntsman on China

A broad look at presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Read More »

An Early Look at Candidate Jon Huntsman

The Republicans may come together in 2102 behind former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman. Read More »