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Interview: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Star Tom Mison Talks New Direction


"Sleepy Hollow" star Tom Mison chats with Blogcritics about his character and the remainder of season two. Read More »

Interview with ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Star Nichole Beharie


To say I am obsessed with Sleepy Hollow is an understatement, so when I got the chance to chat with one of the stars of the hit apocalyptic thriller, Nichole Beharie (Abbie Mills), I was more than happy to answer the call!  Well into it’s sophomore season, Beharie spoke about monsters to come, dark family revelations and love! Monday November ... Read More »

TV Review: ‘Sleepy Hollow’- ‘Weeping Lady’


A fair maiden's crush, a jealous jilted ex and yet another secret discovered! This week's Sleepy Hollow delivers another beautifully crafted chapter. Read More »

TV Preview: “Sleepy Hollow”- Always Halloween In ‘World of Sleepy’


Sleepy Hollow's sophomore year has begun its' thrill ride, captivating Sleepy Heads worldwide! Read More »

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Exceeds Expectations in Season Two Premiere

SH Group

Spoilers ahoy: tonight is the season two premiere of "Sleepy Hollow" and Blogcritics has the scoop! Read More »

TV Review: The Good Wife – “Death of a Client”

Flashbacks of two different kinds roil Alicia's mind in a very good St. Patrick's Day episode. Read More »

TV Review: Fringe – “The Boy Must Live”

Fringe comes to an end that just might end up being what fans need. Read More »

TV Review: Fringe – “Anomaly XB-6783746”

Nina makes the ultimate sacrifice. Read More »

TV Review: Fringe – “Black Blotter”

Peter is back in time to deal with Walter's latest LSD trip. Read More »

TV Review: Fringe – “The Human Kind”

Time is ticking; will Peter remove the tech before the changes are permanent? Read More »