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Why the Left Attacks Sarah Palin

Is the left really afraid of Palin, as some Republicans claim? Or is something else going on? Read More »

John McCain Stands with Discrimination

John McCain continues his decline from respected moderate to controversial far-right advocate in his new stance on DADT. Read More »

DADT Repeal Languishes in Senate

Filibuster led by McCain; portions of DADT seem irrelevant Read More »

A Few Words to the Fervent Followers of the Burgeoning Tea Party Movement

A liberal Democrat discusses the burgeoning Tea Party movement. Read More »

If It’s Not Working, Keep Talking

Is the Obama media strategy working against itself? Read More »

Book Review: Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin

Chapter 4: “Going Rogue” (All about the Steve Schmidt). Why was this chapter really full of Schmidt? Read More »

Book Review: Sarah Palin’s Secret Diary by Joey Green

A remarkable glimpse into the secret world of Sarah Palin. Read More »

Book Review: Going Rouge: Sarah Palin – An American Nightmare edited by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed

Liberals pounce on Sarah Palin, good fun is had by all. Read More »

The Chip on Rush Limbaugh’s Shoulder

Rush Limbaugh's irrational dislike of "country club" Republicans will harm the GOP. Read More »