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Music Review: Conlon Nancarrow – Late and Unknown: Works on Rolls

Excellent collection of later works from composer Conlon Nancarrow. Read More »

Music Review: Big Robot & Conrad Schnitzler – Horror Odyssee

Sonic anarchy: that’s what Schnitzler’s music can be. It can also be near-dead calm, underpinned with symphonic serenity. Read More »

DVD review: Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Robert Rauschenberg Collaborations

Although these works are best seen amid the visual and aural scope of the concert hall, fans of will find much to treasure in these videos. Read More »

Music Review: Dans les arbres – Dans les arbres

Dans les arbres is an audacious piece of new music from this quartet. Read More »

Music Review: Foetus – Hide

Fans who have been wondering what happened to the musical terrorist Foetus should be heartened by Hide Read More »

Music DVD Review: David Tudor – Bandoneon! (a combine)

An amazing David Tudor performance from 1966. Read More »