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Gridlock Eric Cantor

In GQ Magazine’s “The 50 Most Powerful People in Washington*,” Eric Cantor tops the list.["*People with the last names Obama and Biden not included."] Read More »

The Tea Party Shutdown Movie

The House stopgap bill blew up and illustrated that Speaker Boehner’s control of the House majority only exists on paper. Read More »

The Deadline Gambit

Boehner probably said, “Eric, you can go, now.” It’s a chess move where you sacrifice a Bishop to a Queen. Read More »

The U.S. Budget Crisis…We Just Got to See Congress at Its Worst

What ever happened to political debate and compromise? Politics have changed, but not for the better. Read More »

More Politcal Observations

Contradictions that leave you scratching your head are not regulated to a political party or a certain group. Read More »

McConnell Fights, Boehner Cedes

Kentucky senator resumes tax cut fight, while Boehner concedes. Read More »

Obama Targets Boehner, Reps’ Economic Philosophy

With recent Obama speech, bipartisanship fleeting? Read More »

ObamaCare Passes By Means of Arrogance, Deceit, and Payoffs

White House and Democratic leaders resort to tactics right out of Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals. The ultimate rule? The ends justify the means. Read More »