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Job-Hunting Tips for 2014

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First impressions, persistence, and good interview skills are all key to a successful job search. Read More »

Mike Rowe’s Dirty Definition of Passion


We never grow out of the need to feel passionate about what we do. Read More »

Hometown Heroes: Enabling Youth with Disabilities to Carve Out Jobs

Craig Wallace, age 27 --Volunteer Asst with Conney Dahn

Conney Dahn helps young people with autism spectrum disorders aim for success in the job market. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Stand up for Yourself Without Getting Fired’ by Donna Ballman


Includes more than a few explanations of U.S. employment laws that will surprise many people. Read More »

In Europe, Few Jobs for the Old and Even Fewer for the New

European Youth Unemployment Cartoon

Europe should scrap the austerity mantra and concentrate its efforts on supporting unemployment relief, tax reform, and job creation. Read More »

Best Jobs for Recent College Graduates

While the job market remains tough, summer graduates should fare much better in the job market than the class of 2011 did. Read More »

Yeah, the GDP Is Growing

GDP growth during the Obama years examined. Read More »

Where Are The Green Jobs?

Mr. Obama, you promised green jobs. Where are they? Read More »

Obama the Jobs Hypocrite

Obama is a jobs hypocrite. Read More »

Black Angels Need to Fly!

Black angels must get into the game of risk capital investing and spur job growth in economically disconnected communities. Read More »