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Book Review: I’m Over All That: And Other Confessions by Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine goes out on a limb - again. This time she leans forward from a more rooted tree. Read More »

Jimmy Carter in Pyongyang

Jimmy Carter has flown to North Korea to negotiate a release, and to discuss various issues without the approval of Washington Read More »

Obama Concedes the Space Race

Barack Obama lied about maintaining a strong, viable national space program during the 2008 campaign season. Read More »

Music Review: The Red Krayola With Art & Language – Five American Portraits

The Red Krayola present musical interpretations of five American icons. Read More »

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Obama becomes the fourth US President to win the prize. Read More »

Dithering at the Fork

Barack Obama has a big choice coming up: whether to payoff Iran or use force. Read More »

The Lack of Objectivity – Is It Racism?

Interesting points on the weekend media coverage of Obama, and the accusation by Jimmy Carter of racism. Read More »

America’s Middle East Policy and Israel’s Role

Israel is America's most trusted ally in the Middle East and plays a significant role in US Middle East policy. Read More »