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Pioneers for Health

Being unafraid to step outside of the status quo when it comes to health care choices - that's being a pioneer for health. Read More »

What if Jesus Had a Wife?

In a discussion I had once with a rabbi about Jesus, the man observed, "Jesus was a good Jewish boy." In retrospect that comment may have been on target more than the rabbi realized. Read More »

Book Review: Girl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Middle school is purgatory for Apron Bramhall. Read More »

In the Name of Jesus

Anti-Jesus religion. Read More »

Book Review: Called to Controversy by Ruth Rosen

A balanced biography in which the writer sometimes portrays her father in a respectful but sometimes less than flattering light. Read More »

Do Food Taxes Lead to Health?

With obesity on the rise, "fat taxes" are being proposed and implemented to encourage people to reduce unhealthy food consumption. Read More »

Living Water

An emptiness that could only be filled with the true Source of life. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Last Temptation of Christ – The Criterion Collection

Martin Scorsese's most controversial film looks and sounds great in high definition. Read More »

Book Review: God, I’ve Got a Question: Biblical Truth for Our Deepest Concerns by James Merritt

James Merritt knows that when people wrestle with doubts, they are missing out on the security, promises, and power of Christ. Read More »

Theatre Review (NYC): The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

The person who needs forgiveness is the one who doesn't deserve it. Read More »