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Blu-ray Review: ‘Archer – The Complete Season Four’


Part James Bond spoof, part workplace comedy, the FX animated series follows the zany adventures of some moronic people who, somehow, always seem to get the job done. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Archer’ – ‘White Elephant’


The essential things that make Archer so good remain as we move into the new season. Read More »

TV Review: Archer – “Sea Tunt: Part 2″

Archer brings season four to an end with a tribute to Sealab 2021 and Bob's Burgers actors. Read More »

TV Review: Archer – “Lo Scandalo”

Archer presents a great bottle episode, funny and smart, this week. Read More »

TV Review: Archer – “The Man From Jupiter”

Burt Reynolds visits Archer, and lives up to his legendary status, as Columbians try to kill Ray. Read More »

DVD Review: Archer – The Complete Season Two

Even more confident in its rapid-fire, vulgar hilarity than season one. Read More »

TV Review: Archer – “Heart of Archness”

Archer presents a very funny three parter in between seasons, with pirates! Read More »

TV Review: Archer – “Tragical History”

Archer is as much workplace-comedy as it is espionage-thriller,-uh,-comedy. Read More »

TV Review: Archer Pushes Boundaries

Archer is raunchy and wrong, but very, very funny. Read More »

TV Review: Retire Retired at 35

Retired at 35 is mediocre, made a huge mistake in the pilot, and doesn't have Betty White to save them. Read More »