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Book Review: ‘The Thrill of the Haunt’ by E. J. Copperman


The latest entry in the Haunted Guesthouse series provides two comic murder mysteries. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Beavis & Butt-head – Volume 4

Twelve hilarious brand new episodes that work well by keeping everything the same. Read More »

DVD Review: Jersey Shore – Season Four

MTV's highest-rated show is an exercise in orange stupidity. Read More »

Sayonara, Charlie … Angels Bid Adieu!

Barrymore's Charlie's Angels reboot gets the boot… finally! Read More »

The X Factor Has Debuted… So Now What?!

Simon embodies the phrase, “that’s entertainment”. Read More »

TV Review: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Frank’s Pretty Woman”

It's Always Sunny comes back in its hilarious trademark way, the gang as selfish and neutrotic as ever. Read More »

Book Review: Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari

Treggiari’s breathtaking Ashes, Ashes is set in apocalyptic New York City. Read More »

TV Review: Bones Enjoying Stride

Bones has grown into a very comfortable, fun place. Memo to the people involved: thanks, but please Adon't be complacent. Read More »

Who Are the “Real” Reality Stars?

Are all reality stars created equal? Read More »

Snooki Arrested; Will Obama Pay Attention Now?

Snooki can be sure that Barack Obama knows who she is now. Read More »